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Describes the purpose and process for their detailed program to identify and terminate connections that discharge stormwater from their properties to the sanitary sewer system. As communities work to preserve and improve their wastewater collection systems and comply with NPDES wastewater and stormwater permit requirements, it’s important to maintain an inventory of collection system components and have a process for managing the information that’s gathered through inspection, maintenance, assessment and repairs. The Kerrville, Texas Finance Director explains how the revenue from utility bills pays for current operations and maintenance, and prepares for future needs such as facility upgrades and replacing aging equipment. Effective utility management can help utilities respond to both current and future challenges and support utilities in their common mission of being successful 21st century service providers. Blocked drains are a common problem found in just about every home at one time or another. When you invest in these services, you save money because the problem is solved once such that it will not happen again soon. Why is I/I a problem? This Voluntary Service Lateral Rehabilitation Program was established to address the I/I problems experienced during the rainy season.

Brochure uses a graphic and text to describe the sewer lateral connecting a house to the street and the many factors contributing to blockages and backups. Graphic shows improper residential connections that contribute inflow to the sanitary sewer line; describes the methods used to identify sources of clear water in the sewer system. Brief facts on finding inflow and infiltration, including smoke testing. DeKalb County uses GPS and GIS for easier reproduction of maps for use in the field, creating written Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for managing inventory updates and use and for updating the GIS software, to improve tracking of problems geographically, such as stoppages, service interruptions, infiltration, and SSOs, and to assist in the planning, scheduling, and prioritization of maintenance and the electronic integration of sewer system location and attribute data with the County computer-based collection system hydraulic model and the computerized maintenance management System (CMMS). One of the most effective techniques that drainage specialists in Wigan use to clear out drains is drain jetting, drainage dorset which involves the use of high pressure water jetting machines that quickly loosen blockages and debris.

When you invite Call The Plumber Sydney, the licensed professional plumbing specialists into your home, you will encounter Sydney plumbers who are trained to deliver to you the best plumbing service in Sydney. A number of procedures are employed by Calne drain clearance specialists to clear out drains, and one of the most effective of these is drain jetting employing pressured water jetting sytems to speedily loosen obstructions and debris. Step 1: Check the bulb to see if it is burned out. Push and pull on rest room bowls, taps to see if it rocks or moves. Discusses steps to developing an asset management plan for both novice and experienced professionals, describes an array of reference materials to support the central concepts, and includes real-world examples of emerging best practices and innovations in water asset management. Fact sheet describing the King County Wastewater Treatment Division I/I inspection program discusses some basic inspectional practices: CCTV, smoke testing and dye testing. A range of information describing sewer connections, backups and backflows (including a video), and the problems of fats, oils and grease. Find a range of tools and resources. Affordability is assessed for the average customer, low-income customers and a full range of households based on their various income levels.

We value every customer and do our best to make sure that we are there when our customers need us; from general drain blockages and clearance jobs to emergency drain repairs. A list of Dos and Don’ts for residential customers. This site includes a list of references for sanitary sewer collection system operation and maintenance programs. Site describes the Sanitary Sewer Maintenance Section’s aggressive preventive maintenance program. In an effort to address FOG management problems, the Narragansett Bay Commission (NBC), in cooperation with the University of Rhode Island, the RI Department of Environmental Management and EPA Region I have established the NBC Fats Oils and Grease-Environmental Results Program (FOG-ERP). The Marblehead, Massachusetts Water and Sewer Commission reports that after adopting a five-step, systematic approach to infrastructure asset management they’ve reduced their system failures and backups and helped improve both the condition of their assets and their allocation of resources and budget. Many sewer agencies, reluctant to take on the challenges associated with performing work on private property, have attempted to focus their I/I reduction activities on the public system only. Environmental management systems (EMS) help an organization analyze and reduce the environmental impact of its activities. EPA and six national water and wastewater associations signed an historic agreement in 2007 to jointly promote effective utility management based on the Ten Attributes of Effectively Managed Water Sector Utilities and five Keys to Management Success.

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